Audit Bureau chief meets Arabosai’s panel members

QNA /Doha

HE the President of the State Audit Bureau Sheikh Bandar bin Mohamed bin Saoud al-Thani met the members of the delegations participating in the 14th meeting of the Professional and Audit Standards Committee of the Arab Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (Arabosai), which is hosted by the State Audit Bureau.
Representatives of the supreme audit bureaus that are members of the committee in Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Iraq, and Jordan, in addition to the representative of the Arabosai secretary-general, attended the meeting.
The State Audit Bureau holds the presidency of the Executive Council of Arabosai for 2019-2022. It also chairs the Professional and Audit Standards Committee, which is among the technical committees of the organisation that works to enhance the capabilities of Arabosai members in applying professional standards by keeping abreast of periodic updates to the standards, preparing research and related studies, and proposing training activities and initiatives aimed at improving the level of commitment to the requirements of professional standards in the implementation of oversight work, which enhances the credibility of regulatory reports issued by the audit institutions.

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